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  • Logo design
  • Corporate identity
  • Graphics for print
  • Graphics for web
  • Special events
  • Custom cards
  • Invitations
  • Matching pieces
  • Web sites
  • Titles and imagery
  • Consultation
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Good design is always about doing something that works for the client, and does it beautifully, without distracting from the intended message. It does what it is designed to do!
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The conceptual part of the project is hands down, the most important element. The Artist's Touch finds fun in exploring a wide variety of options and zeroing in on the best to achieve your desired goal.
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The Artist's Touch is available for consultation to help you uncover solutions that are right for you before you ever start a project. Asking the right questions shines a light on the path.
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Considering all aspects of the context and how the design will be used, The Artist's Touch pays close attention to your needs and preferences. This makes your project full of your own personality.
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A great chef combines interesting fresh ingredients that look and taste amazing. Think of The Artist's Touch as cooking up something wonderful with an eye for detail and great presentation!

Clients are saying:

"I told a colleague all about your amazing, personalized work. He is very interested and is excited to hear from you because I spoke the world of you! "
"I'm really delighted that we decided to work with you on this piece of our marketing plan. I'm really pleased with the direction we're going and you are a HUGE help to us adding truly value added services to our emerging company."
"We will always be eager and proud to refer people to our web site. Jennifer was wonderful to work with, technically brilliant, highly creative, and acutely perceptive as to what I wanted to portray. She continues to be there, always going the extra mile."
"I am very excited about my custom web site which makes just the impression I wanted it to. Thanks for all the creative expertise you put into it."